How do I get help?

Click the help button at the bottom right of the page. You can choose the option to ask questions directly on Intercom, or navigate to the full knowledge base.

Signing up, requesting to join, logging in & logging out

How can I change my primary email address?

You should be able to edit your email and choose to receive notifications by clicking your name on the bottom left of the page, then click the edit icon next to your icon:

You will then be able to change the email address. Then you will receive a confirmation email and will need to click the confirmation link.

Items and folders

Why can't I assign items?

Check your permission level by clicking the menu on the left bottom of the page. If you are a Contributor, you will not be able to assign items. Request the Owner of your workspace to upgrade your permission settings. Learn more about permissions here

How can I restrict some team members from viewing folders?

You can limit who can view content within folders according to their user permission by following these steps.

Can I view the workspace in another language other than English?

Yes, this is possible from the settings of your browser preferences.

I uploaded a story a few minutes and now I can't find it. How can I retrieve it?

The item you added has been suggested or automatically matched to another similar item. Move the similarity slider to 'ON' to view it.

I incorrectly matched two items with completely different topics. What can I do?

You can detach items using these steps.

Why are the Facebook shares, comments, and reactions not displayed on an item page?

Social share counts may not be visible in folders or within items due to their having sensitive content which is only available for logged-in users. Items taken offline will also not display social share count numbers. Learn more on what metrics are tracked here.

Workflow annotation

I seem to be able to edit some Check content but not everything. Why is that happening?

Please know that we have different permissions levels given to different roles. Your role should be showing next to your name in the bottom left of the page:

To know the exact permissions granted to each role, please have a look at our detailed "Roles" guide


How do I add an image for the report visual card?

Open the report editor and under 'visual card' upload the image.

To edit a visual card image, within the report editor click 'Edit' and remove the default image (1), then upload a new image (2).


How do I change the status of the items?

To change the status, you need to have Owner, Editor, or Journalist permission.

Click on the arrow next to the status and you can see the list of options that exists.


How can I remove a language from my workspace?

Navigate to the Language tab on the settings, and click the three vertical dots to the right of the language you want to delete.

Browser extension

How I can see all items from the browser extension?

From 'All items' add a filter, select 'Channel' and click 'Browser extension'.

You can then save a filtered list following these steps.

Slack integration

Why are my users not receiving messages sent through slack?

Check if you have added “/sk” which is necessary to add before the conversation to enable direct conversations with users. Any direct conversation should start with /sk followed by the text you need to send.


How do I access my workspace data?

Navigate to the data tab from the workspace settings and fill in the form to access your data reports.

Once the form is processed, you will directly be able to find your report on the data tab by clicking 'View data report'.


Does embedding an item from my team expose all my team’s work to the public?

Embedding an item from Check will only show this item and the work done on it. All other items will remain private if the team is set to private.

No, this will not happen.

How can I keep my team private and only one item public?

There is currently no way to make one item public, but if you decide to embed this item to an external website it will be embedded even when the team is private without exposing other items added by the team.

Other frequently asked questions

Sometimes Check pages aren't fully loaded. Why is this happening?

This can be caused by a browser extension like NewsGuard, You will have to delete the browser extension to fully experience Check. If you are using Disconnect plug-in FB posts and tweets won't be fully loaded on Check, please whitelist Check from Disconnect.

Don’t see a question of yours answered here? Please feel free to reach out to, and our support team will get back to you shortly.

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