You can use metadata to consistently categorize items across your entire workspace. Unlike tasks, metadata are applied to all items in the workspace, and can only be edited on a workspace level.

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The metadata for an item appears under the metadata tab in the panel on the right.


At the top of the metadata tab, you can add tags to categorize the item

You can from the dropdown list select a tag.

To create a tag, input the tag name (1) press “ADD TAG” (2), then click ‘DONE’ (3).


Languages are automatically detected and displayed in the metadata tab. To change the language:

  • Click the language button to select the language of the item.

  • You will then be presented with a dropdown list of languages for you to select and then press the Submit button.

Creating custom metadata fields

You can find the menu to create and edit metadata in the main settings.

The metadata items you create in the main settings will be displayed in the list for both items and sources.

Create a new metadata field

  • Click on the "New Metadata" button

  • Select the format of your metadata in the drop down.

  • Select the type of metadata field you need, complete the form and save it:

Metadata type



Add the prompt type e.g “Threat level” and you can also add a description.


Add the prompt. The contributor will only be able to input numbers in response.

Single select

The contributor will have a choice of entering different values.

Multiple select

Allows different values to be chosen


Allows the contributor to input a geo-location.

Date & Time

Displays a calendar for the contributor to select

File upload

Allows the contributor to add a file to the item. The maximum file size for Image, Audio and Text is 100MB, while for videos it is 1GB.

You can also select these options to show up on the browser extension.

Unlike tasks, metadata are applied to all items in the workspace, and can only be edited on a workspace level.

Note: The process is the same as for creating a task (remember that tasks and metadata are not the same!)

Edit or delete a metadata field

  • Click on the three dots on the right side of a metadata.

  • Select "edit" from the dropdown.

  • Edit your metadata and click "save."

You can edit the Prompt, add an optional description and add, edit or delete values.

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