Check’s browser extension allows you to quickly add media items that you come across on the internet to your Check team for investigation, and answer tasks concerning these items right from within the extension’s sidebar.

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Download the browser extension

The Check browser extension is currently available for Firefox and Chrome:

Download the extension for Chrome here.

Download the extension for Firefox here.

Note: By default browser extensions are updated automatically.

Adding content to Check via the browser extension

  • Find any web content you want your team to fact-check and investigate.

  • Click the Check icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser. A sidebar will appear on the right.

  • In the browser extension, choose the folder that you want to add this item to, and save it. By default, the list at the top of your Check workspace dashboard will be selected. The tasks associated with the folder you select will be available under the Tasks tab.

  • The article is now saved as an item in your Check workspace. The extension also detects if the item already exists in Check. If the article already exists as an item in Check, it will connect to that existing item in the sidebar.

Note: If your downloaded extension asks you to login, ensure that the browser you are using is not blocking third-party cookies.

For Chrome:

For Firefox:

Once the item is saved on Check, from the extension sidebar, you will be able to navigate between the Media, Annotation, Tasks, and Source tabs.

Media tab

Auto-populated information (when available) about the article or post:

  • Title

  • Source

  • Date Published

  • URL

  • FB Shares, FB Reactions, FB Comments - If available

  • Description, or content for social media posts

Annotation tab

Custom fields to consistently categorize and structure data across your entire workspace. Annotation fields are defined at the workspace level and are the same for all items. Learn more about annotation here.


You can also select relevant tags within the annotation tab. Note: it is not possible to create new tags while using the extension. Learn more about tags here

Tasks tab

Tasks are created in the workspace for structured annotation of the article or content that you are adding to check. The tasks associated with the list selected by the browser will be available under the Task tab. Learn more about tasks here.

Source tab

The publication details of items are automatically captured and are editable within the browser extension. Learn more about sources here

What to verify if the browser extension does not recognize the media:

  • Check the media URL syntax is correct

  • Check that the URL is still publicly online

Note: Adding content to workspaces via Check's browser extension, is not a Tipline request. It only tells users that an item already exists, so a similar Tipline submission will be displayed as the first request, even if an item was previously added using the extension.

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