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Add an item manually

1. Navigate to any list in your workspace.

2. Click the 'Add item' button in the header of the list.

3. Add a Claim (optional), link, or upload a file.

4. Click submit.

How to add items from browser extensions

Learn how to download and add content from Check's browser extension here.

Add an item via Check Tiplines

Users can add any supported items via Check Tiplines.

Supported media types

Check supports 4 types of media types that can be added onto your workspace either manually, using the browser extension, or Tiplines.


Links are used to capture social media posts, web articles, images, and videos that are hosted online. As long as the file is public, the social media post and associated media files will be displayed in Check.


Text items are text-based entries. If you are receiving items via a Check tipline, an item will be of the type 'text' only if no image, video or link is associated with it.

In the analysis panel, text claims will be displayed the same as how submitted links generate titles and content.

If a blank item is submitted to the Tipline, it will not be displayed but will be stored in the database. Similarly, Tipline submissions that contain only numbers and no useful information will not be visible but will be stored in the database.


Image requirements are:

  • Max size: 954 MB

  • Supported file type: jpg, jpeg, gif, png.

  • Min dimensions: 1px wide X 1px high.

  • Max dimensions: 10,000px wide X 10,000px high.

It is possible within item pages to download, transcription, and reverse search image content by clicking 'Image actions' menu.


Video requirements are:

  • Annotation Max size: 954MB with a progress spinner displayed to observe upload progress

  • Tipline Max size: depends on the platform: WhatsApp - 16MB; Facebook Messenger - 25 MB; Twitter DMs - 15 MB

  • Supported file types: mp4, ogg, ogv, webm, mov, m4v

You can also download, transcription, reverse image search, playback speed, and annotate the timeline by clicking the 'Video actions' menu.


Audio file requirements are:

  • Max size: 954MB

  • Supported file types: mp3, wav, ogg

Click the 'Audio actions menu to download, transcribe or edit the playback speed.

Filtering items according to item type

From 'All items', special Tipline and Imported report lists, Folder or Filtered, click 'Add Filter' and select 'Media Type'.

Choose single or multiple options and click 'Done'.

Once the items according to the media type are displayed, you can then save a filtered list.

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