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Check allows you to set up rules to auto-detect graphic content as well as manually apply warning screens to items.

Applying rules to detect sensitive content

  • Navigate to the Rules settings

  • Create a Rule name and from the 'If' condition, select 'Item has been detected as' (1).

  • Select a flag, between Adult, Medical or Violence (2), then

  • Set the likelhood for the flag of at least High, Medium or Low (3),

  • From the 'Then' condition, select 'Add content warning cover' (4). Other options are Tagging items, Banning submitters, Moving flagged items to a folder, or Moving flagged items to the Trash.

  • Save the Rule for it to apply. Note: Rules are not applied to items added to the workspace before the Rule was created.

Manually adding content warnings to items

  • Open an item and from the media card, click 'Content warning'.

  • Click the category for the content warning cover.

  • This triggers an overlay screen on the content.

  • The screen is also visible from the main list view.

  • It is also not possible to send flagged content to Tipline users. From the report editor the visual card image needs to be changed.

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