From your Tipline settings, you can collect opt-in subscriptions and send scheduled weekly newsletters direct from the bot. Newsletters are available on all supported messaging platforms.

This article explains how to:

Directing users to the Tipline newsletter subscription

  • Navigate to your Tipline main menu, and add an option for users to subscribe to the newsletter.

  • Click '+ Scenario'

  • In the 'If' box input the option you listed in the main menu content.

  • In the 'Then' box, select the message 'Subscription opt-in'.

Configuring newsletter subscriptions

To promote your newsletter and collect opt-ins from Tipline users:

  • Navigate to the Tipline settings and click ‘Subscription opt-in’ (1).

  • You will see an automated message to notify your Tipline user whether they are subscribed or not to the newsletter (2).

  • Add a description of the newsletter and include prompts to either subscribe or be redirected to the Tipline main menu (3).

  • Using the scenarios to set subscription (4) or redirecting to the main menu (5).

  • Publish the settings (6).

After publishing, from the Tipline user interface:

  • The greeting and main menu is displayed including an option to subscribe to the published newsletter (7).

  • Once the newsletter option is selected, the Tipline user’s subscription status is displayed (8).

  • The user is then given the option to either subscribe or go back to the main menu (9).

  • If the user subscribes, they see a confirmation message and can be redirected to the main menu if they input the option (10).

Composing content and scheduling newsletter delivery

To create your newsletter:

  • From the Tipline settings menu, click ‘Newsletter’ (1).

  • Schedule the newsletter delivery inputting a day of the week, time, and timezone (2).

  • Input an introduction (3), and either manually add links or use RSS feed to automatically update the newsletter content (4).

  • The indicator becomes green when the newsletter is ready to send. Publish the newsletter (5).

Note: if the newsletter header (3) includes the name of the Tipline channel e.g Facebook Messenger that dispatches the newsletter to the opt-in subscriber.

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