To access the integrations, go to your Workspace Settings

You can send notifications to a Slack channel when items are added to a folder.

Updates to that item will be added to a thread under the first message in the Slack channel.

This article explains how to:

Creating a webhook

  • Open

  • Search for ‘Incoming Webhooks’ in the search bar.

  • Click ‘Add to Slack’.

  • Select a channel from the dropdown list. Note: this can be changed later when choosing which events trigger notifications.

  • Click ‘Add Incoming WebHooks integration’.

  • Scroll down to ‘Integration Settings’ where you can:

    • Edit the selected channel where messages will be posted.

  • Add a descriptive label of the integration.

  • Create a username the integration will post as, and

  • Customise the icon to be used for messages from this integration.

After previewing the message, save the setting.

Enabling the webhook in your Check workspace

  • Back on Check, go to settings by clicking on the grey cog in the upper left corner of your workspace, and select the ‘Integrations’ tab.

  • Enable slack by clicking on the slider.

  • Click the gear icon to edit Slack settings.

  • Paste the address for your Slack webhook.

  • To trigger specific events, click ‘+ New(2).

  • Select an event from the ‘If’ drop-down menu:

    • Any workspace activity - includes any time an item is added to the workspace.

    • Item is added to folder, or

    • Status is changed

  • Click ‘Save’ when done.

One on one slack conversations with Tipline users

You can chat with users whenever they submit content via one of your Tiplines.

To integrate a Tipline with a Slack channel in your organization, click the orange button located at the bottom right of the workspace screen.

To start a conversation with a Tipline user, on the item page, find the Request from the user you want to talk to and click "Open in Slack." An item can be requested by multiple users, so each request is a message from a separate user submitting that same item.

Clicking Slack Channel will open Slack and load the history of messages sent between the user and Check Message.

Remember to always add “/sk” before your text or it will not be sent to users.

Sending images to users

While in human-to-human mode, you can send images to users you are in conversation with, using the Slack interface by clicking the attachment icon.

Disabling automatic slack notifications

To stop automatic responses from the bot and chat with the user from the same dedicated Slack channel, enter the following command in Slack:

IMPORTANT: Add /sk before your text or it will not be sent to users.

/sk [example text] -- replace [example text] with your own content, as follows:

Reactivating the bot

The bot is automatically re-activated 15 min after the last message is sent.

To re-enable the bot manually, type the following command in the same place as previously: /check bot activate

Note: To allow your workspace team member to interact with tipline users, open slack, and click 'Add teammates' then 'Invite people'.

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