To access the integrations, go to your Workspace Settings

Using the service Fetch, you can import content from your CMS or database into your Check workspace.

Fetch is an internal service that is responsible for the scheduled crawling of partner websites and scraping of Claim Reviews, several times per day.

Upon detecting that new Claim Reviews have been published and are absent from a workspace database, Check stores them locally and fact-checks are displayed under the list 'Imported content'.

Check schema

In almost all cases, we are able to collect compliant ClaimReview objects, which unambiguously specify the fields required for populating the Claim page in our workspaces:

Mandatory fields:

  • Fact check title

  • Fact check summary

  • Published article URL

  • Rating

Optional fields:

  • Claim description

  • Original media

In some cases, we instead rely on Article objects.

In rare cases, we generate these objects directly from identifying the required constituent data on articles that our partners produce, though we strongly encourage use of ClaimReview objects.


Check constantly monitors Fetch's internal data integrity to ensure that when changes are made that may affect data quality, we address and patch our scrapers to be as up to date as possible.

Enabling Fetch in your workspace

  • In the settings, select the Integration tab.

  • Scroll down to the Fetch integration

  • Toggle the switch ON, click the gear icon and select Contact us to setup to fill in in this form.

Auto publishing reports

Under the integration page, open the Fetch settings under the gear icon and enable Auto publish reports.

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