To add a new Tipline, navigate to your workspace settings (1), click “Tipline” (2), select “Settings” (3), then click on any messaging service (4).

This article explains how to connect and disconnect:

Facebook Messenger

Bot integration first needs to be validated by Facebook. You will then be able to complete setup after validation.

Note: ensure that your auto-responder is disabled on the Facebook page.

To disconnect, on your Tipline settings click the Facebook messenger button, then “disconnect from this account”.


To configure your Tipline bot for Line, click

Navigate to messaging settings, click edit webhook url and paste webhook in your settings.

Click the Line icon on Check and the status should be Online.

To disconnect Line, on your Tipline settings click the Line button, then ‘disconnect from this account’.


To set up your Telegram Tipline, you do not require an additional phone number to set up if you already have a channel.

Click which takes you to the setup and press ‘Start’.

Follow the instructions to receive your authorization token:

  • Type ‘/newbot’ and name the bot

  • Choose a username that ends with ‘bot’ e.g TetrisBot or tetris_bot

  • You will then see a link to access the token

To add Telegram on Check, click the icon, and input the bot token, then click "Connect".

Once you click the Telegram button the Status should be Online with a link to the connected bot.

To disconnect, on your Tipline settings click the Telegram button, then "disconnect from this account".

Confirm the action by inputting “Disconnect Telegram" to confirm.

Click the “CONFIRM” button


Ensure you are logged into your Twitter account, then click the Twitter button, and then the ‘ready to connect’ button.

You then need to allow Check to access your account.

After authorizing Twitter, you will then be redirected to your Tipline settings where Twitter will be online.

Click the Twitter button to stop messaging, and then “disconnect this account”.

Confirm the disconnection action, by typing ‘disconnect Twitter’.


Note that the WhatsApp integration requires a different process than others. You will be directed to a new form, and the Check team will follow up within two business days. Requirements include:

  • Your name, organization details, brand name, and logo for your Tipline.

  • Your Facebook page and website

  • A Facebook Business Manager ID.

  • A list of the languages you intend to use for your Tipline.

  • A new phone number is recommended. The number must also NOT have been registered to any WhatsApp account. If it is, follow these steps to delete the WhatsApp account. Note: All the previous data will be lost. Once a phone number is registered on the WhatsApp Business API, it cannot be used for WhatsApp Business or the WhatsApp consumer app. Phone numbers can be upgraded to the WhatsApp Business API, but not downgraded.

Disconnecting your WhatsApp Tipline is permanent and you will not be able to reconnect it.

To disconnect your WhatsApp Tipline, click its button on settings.

To confirm the disconnection action, you need to input ‘disconnect from whatsapp permanently’.


To add Viber as a Tipline messaging service:

  • Download and install Viber onto a sim-enabled device.

  • The app will either automatically detect a phone number or prompt you to input the number. Note: your network needs to support Viber.

  • Click ‘Continue’ to receive an activation code.

  • Log into and input the activation code you receive on the Viber app.

  • Once in the admin panel, click ‘Create bot account’.

  • Fill in the required information to generate an authorization token.

  • On Check, click the Viber icon and paste the authorization token and click ‘Connect’.

  • Viber will then be displayed as online among the Tipline messaging services.

  • To disconnect, on your Tipline settings click the Viber button, then ‘Disconnect from this account’.

  • Type ‘Disconnect Viber’ in the modal to confirm the action.

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