What UTM parameters are

UTM parameters are snippets of code appended to URLs to track important data about website traffic sources.

Links for the Tipline, resources and reports are automatically added to your URLs enabling you to track and get more insights from your traffic.

Check UTM’s

UTM parameters enable you to track traffic from:

  1. Tipline reports - report links shared from the Tipline can be tracked to their destination. For tipline reports, add item URLs into the report text box.

URLs added in the item’s Analysis panel are automatically added to the report editor’s text box.

Once the report is generated, the item’s details card will have UTM code at the end of the link: utm_source=check_report

Note: the UTM will not be displayed on the report's visual card.

2. Resources - URLs from RSS feeds or articles added as resources enable you to see where they are shared. Navigate to the Tipline settings and either add resources manually (1) or create RSS feeds (2).

After adding resources to your tipline the item utm_source=check_resource will be appended to each URL.

3. Other bot messages - you can add URLs to your website on the main menu, secondary menu, queries, and notifications

The item 'utm_source=check_resource' will be appended to each URL.

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