Bot conversations happen when someone using your tipline sends you a message via one of the supported social messaging apps. To get started, first learn how to connect a new Tipline.

This guide explains:

Accessing the Tipline settings menu

Click the gear icon on the top left-hand corner of your workspace (1) and select the 'TIPLINE' tab (2).

If the service needs to be activated, you will be prompted to fill this activation form.

Learn more about the activation process for each messaging service here.

Once the service is active, the Tipline settings page will be visible. Each button in the menu on the left is a message that you can customize.

Selecting Tipline languages

To receive tipline requests in multiple languages, navigate to the left of the tipline setting menus and select a language.

Learn about adding languages to your workspace.

Formatting Tipline messages

For each message, fill in the text you want your bot to send Tipline users using formatting styles that make your communication easy to read.

To make your text bold use asterisks to surround the text you want to bold, like *this* in the Tipline menu settings (1). Your users will then see the text in bold (2).

IMPORTANT: As soon as you save the settings, your bot will be deployed and seen by your tip-line users. Make sure your bot is complete before saving.

Tip: Use a separate document to draft your bot text.

Tipline Greeting and Main menu

In the Greeting text box, introduce your organization and the service you provide through the Tipline bot. The Main menu information is automatically displayed after the greeting.

For the Main menu, enter text to instruct the user what to type in order to get to the different bot messages.

Use the available ‘IF’ and ‘THEN’ settings to direct Tipline requesters to input their choice of service (e.g. submitting an item for fact-checking, receiving information from your organization, or using the Tipline in another language).

These scenarios send users Tipline messages that correspond to the options chosen from the main menu.

Click ‘+ Scenario’ and this box will appear:

For each option you provide in your bot menu:

  • In the If textbox list the keywords (separated by commas) that indicate a user has chosen that option (1).

  • From the Then dropdown menu, select the bot message options (Secondary menu, Query prompt, Main menu, Report, etc) that your bot will respond with to each of the If statements (2).

  • Scroll to view all available menu and resources options (3).

Emojis can also be accepted input.

If you wish to create a bot in a new language, please reach out to and we will add the desired translation.

Adding resources to tipline menus

Click the '+ Add resource' option located at the bottom of the list of messages to create a new resource.

Name the resource and add content to be displayed for Tipline users, e.g. "Here's our latest article about elections." You can also add one or multiple URLs directly to the content.

Note: Ensure that the links you add do not contain non-essential characters e.g. '%' which will not be recognized.

Adding RSS Feeds

Instead of adding URLs directly to the content field, you can also pull the most recent articles from any RSS feed:

  • Add the URL of the RSS feed into URL field (1).

  • Select the number of articles you want to include in the resource. Check will select the most recent first (2).

  • Click 'Load' to preview the result.

Check loads new content from RSS feeds every 15 minutes. Every time new content is added to the RSS feed, the resource will update the content.

Secondary menu (optional)

The secondary menu can be used to list a subset of resources:

  • Enter text to instruct the user what to type in order to get to the different bot messages.

  • Make sure there is a scenario in another bot message that sends the Tipline user to this bot message.

Recommended: Create a scenario that allows users to navigate back to the Main menu and make this an option in the bot message.

Query prompt

The Query prompt bot message is the next step after the main menu fact-checking option. Enter text to instruct users to send the content they want to be fact-checked and how they should do it.


  • Inform the Tipline user to only submit one query at a time (1).

  • Create a scenario that allows users to navigate back to the Main menu instead of submitting a fact-check, and make this an option in the bot message (2).

Ensure there are scenarios in other bot messages that send users to this tipline message.

The Query prompt can be followed by either of the following:

  • The Query received message if the user sends content to be fact-checked in a valid format, OR

  • A bot message that responds to an ‘IF’ user input in any scenarios setup in the Query prompt bot message, OR

  • The Invalid format message when Check cannot accept the type of content inputted by the user (see supported formats).

Content users input in response to the query prompt will be displayed on an item card within your Check workspace.

If you have installed multiple Tiplines (WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Twitter), the item page requests tab will display the source of the Tipline query in the order of the most recent request.

Since many users will send the content they want to be fact-checked as their first interaction with the tipline (1), it will also forward content that the user submitted prior to the selection of the query prompt (2) to your Check workspace.

If the user never navigates to the query prompt, then nothing will be sent to your Check workspace.

Query received

Tipline users are sent the Query received message 30 seconds after the last message users input in response to the Query prompt bot message. Enter text to inform users that you have successfully received their fact-check request.

Recommended: inform users that they can reply with any text to return to the Main menu.

No action from user

If the Tipline user does not take any action after the Greeting and Main menu, you can input static (1) or RSS (2) feed content in the bot designer to send to the user. This message will also be sent out to users that do not wait for the query prompt.

Option not available

Enter the message a user will see if they type text that is not one of the menu options set up through IF/THEN scenarios

Report updated

Enter text that you wish to be sent to inform users that a fact-check report has been updated. The updated report will follow immediately after this message.

Invalid format

Enter the text to inform the user that the fact-check request they made contains an unsupported format or file.

Recommended: inform users that they can reply with any text to return to the Query prompt.

Notice of inactivity

Enter the text that you want to send to the user to indicate your fact-checking tip-line is inactive.

Note: This is different from turning the bot off, which erases all of your custom messages. Checking the inactivity option will preserve your custom messages.


Learn how to collect subscriptions and send newsletters directly from the bot here

Pausing the Tipline

Pausing the Tipline triggers the notice of inactivity message.

Navigate to the Tipline tab, and click ‘Settings’. Scroll down to beneath ‘Tipline incoming list ID’, click the checkbox ‘Pause the bot' and save the settings.

A confirmation message will appear at the bottom left of the screen.

To reactivate the Tipline, click the checkbox and save the settings.

Privacy Statement

By default, the following Privacy Statement is available to all users. When replacing it with a custom one, you must do so for each language your tipline is active in.

Note: The option '9' must be referenced only for users to access the Privacy Statement on the Main menu.

Testing your Tipline

When you have built your bot, test it through your WhatsApp tip-line to verify that your bot is working as intended.

It is important you test your tipline as soon you can after you save your bot.

When testing, keep the following in mind:

  • Are the tipline steps simple for users to follow?

  • Does the progression from the Greeting message, through the menus and resources feel organic?

  • Where there can be user errors, do the messages explain the reason for the error?

  • Can new users be able to progress through your tipline options in a reasonable amount of time?

  • Are your users able with accuracy to input information as it is required?

The list is not exhaustive, and we are always interested to hear any issues or questions you have related to the Tipline bot. Click the help button at the bottom-right of the workspace to access support assistance.

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