Your Check workspace includes a tab for Sources within each of your media item pages. This article explains:

How to access the Sources

From the workspace

  1. From within an item page, navigate to the right of the page, and click the Source tab.

From this tab, you can view the time that media was saved in the Source or how many items are attributed to the source by clicking the link under the source name.

From the browser extension

  1. The item workflow will open after saving the item from the browser extension, click the Source tab.

Adding Secondary URLs

You can also add secondary sources to the item page, by clicking the + Add secondary URL beneath the main source URL.

Managing Sources changes

Add existing sources

Where there is no recognized source, for instance with an image upload, use the search bar to find the item’s source. Typing in the search box displays sources that have been added to your workspace.

Create a new Source

If the item’s source name is not listed, you can create a new source by clicking Create new in the search bar.

Input the name of the main media source and its URL. You can also add secondary source details if available. Click Create source to save the source details.

Edit Source details

Where Check detects a submitted source, you can edit its details. Clicking Change allows you to search for existing sources where the main name or the main URL are identical to an existing source or create new sources

Viewing lists of items per source

  1. Navigate to any item and from the source tab, click the (number of) items link;

  2. All items attributed to the source will be listed in a new tab.

TIP: To keep track of a Source, you can create a filtered list.

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