To set which columns are default and which annotation fields will be displayed, click the workspace settings gear icon in the header of the left panel (1), then select the ‘Columns’ tab (2).

You will then be able to see three columns:

  • Displayed columns

  • General

  • Annotation fields.

Displayed columns show columns that will be displayed on the workspace. You have the option to adjust the positions of the columns by clicking on the up or down arrows (1). Displayed columns can also be hidden. Clicking ‘Hide’ moves the column item to the General column (2).

You can also move columns to the Displayed columns by clicking ‘Show’ (3).

Column settings also allow you to add annotations to the workspace columns (4).

After making changes to the settings, click ‘Save’ (5).

Note: Modified settings will automatically be applied to all workspace lists, for all team members.

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