IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is available only to Check workspace Editors and Admins.

The Tipline reports are accessible from workspace settings, and updated every 24 hours. They consist of:

Below are descriptions of the each column in the data sheet:



All data is grouped per month, each month is a row.


The number of user sessions with the tipline bot. A conversation ends in three ways:

  • A bot resource is consumed by the user.

  • The user submitted a fact-check query.

  • The user remains inactive for more than 15 min.

If a conversation ends, any new activity by the user on the tip-line will start a new conversation.

Average messages per day

The average number of messages sent by tipline users per day.

Unique users

Number of distinct users who interacted with the tipline bot that month.

Returning users

Number of users who had at least one session in the current month and at least one session in the last previous 2 months.

Valid new queries

Number of user submissions received that month that are not in the trash.

Published Reports

Published native reports

Number of reports created and published from inside Check.

Published imported reports

Number of published reports imported from external web sites.

Queries answered with a report

Number of queries answered with a report.

Reports sent to users

Count of each report sent to a user as a result of a search or after a request has been fact-checked.

Unique users who received a report

Number of distinct users who received a report.

Average (median) response time

Average time between submitting a query and receiving a report.


Unique newsletter sent

Number of newsletter sent.

New newsletter subscriptions

Number of new newsletter subscription.

Newsletter cancellations

Number of newsletter cancellations.

Current subscribers

Current number of active newsletter subscriptions.

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