To add languages to your Tipline and reports, you must first add languages to your workspace.

From your workspace main page, navigate to your workspace settings by clicking the gear icon in the header of the left panel (1), then click the ‘Languages’ tab (2), and click ‘New Language’ (3).

From the drop-down menu, select a new language by scrolling down to find your preferred language, or input the language name. Click ‘Add language’ to save.

To make a language default or delete it, click the three vertical dots to the right of a listed language (1), and choose ‘Make default’ or ‘Delete’ (2).

Before making a language default, you need to make sure that Status languages are translated into your chosen language.

If you delete a language, all Tipline, Statuses and Report content in that language will be permanently removed. Future Tipline reports be sent out in the default language.

To delete the language, you will be prompted to input the language name to confirm the action.

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