Read this article for general instructions on how to find and edit your tipline bot.

This article explains how to:

Adding multilingual menus and resources to your Tipline

Once your multilingual tipline has been set up, you will be able to navigate to a menu for each language that you're using. Click on amy language to see the menu for that bot (e.g., Greeting, Main menu, etc…)

The default language which is always at the top of the language menu, is the language the Tipline will default to if it cannot detect a language from the messages sent by the tipline user.

For each language different menus and options, you can either:

  • Enter a translation of the same in each language menu.


  • Create a new message entirely, and customize the IF/THEN scenarios as you need.

In this example, Portuguese is the selected language (1), and the main menu is translated (2) along with the scenarios (3) linking between different menu items and resources.

Important! Enable the user to switch to a different language for the bot (4, above) in the Main Menu for each language. This option should be written in the language that the user wants to switch to.

Create a scenario by clicking + SCENARIO. Put in IF the input that you expect users to enter (in the above example if the user selects "3" the language will change to "English"). In the THEN dropdown, select the main menu for the language you want to send to the user (in this example, "English (main menu)").

Hit the SAVE button in order to make those changes public and test your Tipline to make sure it is working as intended.

Viewing Tipline request languages on your Check workspace

Within each Tipline requested item, navigate to the item where under the request tab (1) you can view the language used by the Tipline user (2) on the Request tab.

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