This article helps new users understand Check’s main features, and find specific documentation.

Accessing Help

You can at all times consult Check knowledge by clicking the orange button located at the bottom right of your screen. Our support team is online between 7 am and 10 pm PT.

From this window you can send a message or use search to find a response:

If you need more help optimizing Check for your team's needs, contact us by starting a New Conversation through the orange help button or you can email us at

Check Tipline

Check’s Tipline is a powerful feature that makes it possible to connect your Check workspace with closed social network messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter DMs, and more.

Learn more about Connecting your Tipline bot

Workspace and Team

Resources for starting or administrating a workspace for your organization or group.

Team settings and details: Invite new members to your workspace, remove them, and edit their permission level.

You can also add a logo and description to your workspace.

Permissions in Check: set up different levels of access and permissions for team members

Workspace settings: edit Columns, Annotations, Tipline content, Tasks, Rules, Tags, Languages, Statuses, Report display,s and Integrations in order to customize Check according to your editorial needs.

Triaging content using folder and filtered lists

Start here: Folders and Collections

In the main workspace screen, the left panel displays folders of the content available in your workspace. By default, all items are always listed under the ‘All Items’ list.

You can sort your items into custom filtered lists to organize and coordinate your fact-checking efforts within your team.

Item page

Start here: Item page overview

The item page presents all available information for each individual item. To open the item page, click on any item in any folder.

Learn about supported formats when creating new items.


Start here: Annotation overview

Annotation prompts that you can create for each item that can be completed by team members.

Annotations can also be displayed on Check’s browser extensions.

Assignments and tasks

Assigning items, and tasks: Assign tasks and receive notifications when they are completed.

Best Practices for using Check

Tips for Responding to COVID-19 Misinformation in your Tipline

Guidelines for configuring your workspace to address urgent fact-check requests related to coronavirus and best practices for fact-checking in the coronavirus context

Check Message Resilience Training

Guidelines for Check Message users working with traumatic imagery and content

Frequently Asked Questions

Check FAQ's

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about using Check. Don’t see a question of yours answered in the FAQ? Chat with us now through the orange icon in the bottom right of the screen when you are in your workspace.

Report a bug

Here are some guidelines on how to report a bug on Check

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