Navigate to the workflow setting by clicking on the gear icon in the left panel, located to the right of the workspace title.

Toggle between settings pages using the tabs

Default tasks settings

You can use tasks to structure the annotation and fact-checking of items in your workspace, and assign them to specific users.

All default tasks are listed here. Default tasks are automatically added to all items in your workspace. Note that if you create a new task, it will only be added to future items. It will not appear on items that have been previously added. 

For more details on how to create and manage tasks, read this article

Rule settings

You can create powerful automation rules in order to categorize and monitor your annotation and fact-checkin workflow. 

All rules for your workspace are listed here. To learn more on how to create and edit tasks, read this article

Default tag settings

Use tags to organize your content, and create rules to automatically add them to lists when specific tags are added. 

All default tags for your workspace are listed here. To learn more on how to create and manage tags, read this article.    

Report settings

If you are using Check message, you can send links to reports to all the users who have requested items to be reviewed on any of the tip-lines.

Learn more on how to create and design reports in this article.   

Integrations settings

Currently only the Slack integration is available. You can use it to notify a Slack channel about workspace activity, and talk to users on your tip-line if you are using Check message. 

Learn more about the Slack integration in this article. 

Bots settings

Bots can be added to your workspace to provide new functionalities

  • Check Message (Smooch): Connect social media tip-lines to your workspace. Learn more about this powerful service here.  
  • Alegre: Automatically identifies the language of content added to the workspace.
  • Keep: Archives links to several archiving services.

Learn more about how to add and manage bots in this article. 


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