Each workspace has optional bots that bring new functionalities to Check. 

Navigate to the bot setting page:

  1. Click the gear icon at the top left of your screen. 
  2. Select 'Bots' in the tab menu. 

Enabling and disabling bots

  • To activate a new bot for the first time, reach out to us. We will set them up for you.
  • Once a bot has been setup, you can activate and deactivate it by clicking on the blue toggle, located at the lower right of each bot. 

By default, all bots have the access level of ‘Editor’ in the project. Learn more about user permission here.

  • To access the settings of individual bots, click the on gear icon locate in the lower right of each of them. 

Available bots  

Alegre - created by Meedan

Alegre identifies the language of content included in each item in your workspace. Alegre should always be ‘IN USE’ in order to identify the scripts of the submissions to your project.

Keep - created by Meedan

Keep automatically archives links to archiving platforms perma.cc, archive.org and archive.is.

Check Message (Smooch) - Created by Meedan

Check Message makes it possible to connect your workspace with closed social network messaging platform such as WhatsApp, Twitter DM and Facebook Messenger in order to create tip-lines for your organizations.  

Users can use those tip-lines to submit links, images, video and text files directly from their messaging application directly to your workspace, and interact with a customizable bot. Learn more about Check message here

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