The item page presents all available information for each individual item. To open the item page, click on any items in any list.

This article explains:

1. Analysis panel

2. Media card

3. Annotation workflow

1. Analysis panel

The analysis panel is on the left of the item page. By default, it displays the title and content of the main media card of the item.

Edits to the Title and Content fields will be reflected on the list view. Learn more about the analysis panel in this article.

2. Media card

The item card displays all the information about the item itself. Learn more about the item card here.

3. Annotation workflow

The annotation workflow is located to the right of the item page. Click the arrow to the right of the annotations to view more options

Requests (Only available if using Check Tiplines)

If you use any Check's Tipline, the request message sent by all users who submitted the items to the tip-line will also appear here.

Please note that you cannot respond to those users from this tab. Learn more about how to talk to users on your tiplines in this article.


You can use metadata to consistently categorize your items across your entire workspace. Unlike tasks, metadata are applied to all items in the workspace, and can only be edited on a workspace level. Learn more about Metadata fields in this article.


All tasks associated with the item. Learn how to create tasks in this article.

Answers to tasks can be added to reports if you use Check's Tipline.


Notes can be added here to comment on the item. Within the tab, select the option to Add a Note

  • Enter your note and add an (optional) image (1)

  • Click Submit (2).

Others in your team can also add notes as they collaborate on the investigation.

Tasks and analysis content can be added to the item's report. Learn more about how to design and share reports here.


You can link this item to related articles. Learn more about related items in this article

To return to the folder from which you accessed the item, click the arrow at the top left of the screen.

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