The item page presents all available information for each individual items. To open the item page, click on any items in any list.

Item card

The item card is located at the top left of the item page. It displays all the information about the item itself. Learn more about the item card here

Annotation workflow

The annotation workflow is located at the top right of the item page.


All tasks associated with the item. Learn how to create tasks in this article.
Answers to tasks can be added to reports if you use Check Message


A text field for custom annotation.
Analysis text can be added to reports if you use Check Message


Comments can be added here to comment on the item.
If you use  Check Message, the request message sent by all users who submitted the items to the tip-line will also appear here. 

Please not you cannot respond to those users from this tab. Learn more about how to talk to users on your tip-lines in this article.  


A chronological list of all the actions that have been performed, by any user, associated with the item. To add a note to the activity timeline: 

  1. Within the tab, select the option to Add a Note.
  2. Enter your note and add an optional image. 
  3. Click Submit

Others in your team can also add notes as they collaborate on the investigation.

Tasks and analysis content can be added to the item's report. Learn more about how to design and share reports here.  

Related Item

Located below the item card, the list of related items displays other item that have been identified as having a relationship with the item currently viewed. Learn more about related items here



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