Item statuses represent the position of items in your editorial workflow. They can be edited from the Item page

The language of the statuses change with the language of the browser and is available in several languages including Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Bahasa, Hindi, and Spanish.

This article explains:

Default statuses

  • Unstarted: All items whether added manually, via Tipline, or browser extension have the status 'Unstarted'.

  • In progress: Indicates to the rest of the team that an item is currently being reviewed.

  • Inconclusive: Indicates that no conclusion has been reached during the annotation process.

  • Verified: Indicates the item is factually correct.

  • False: Indicates the item is factually incorrect.

  • When the status of the main item is changed, the status of all secondary items is changed at the same time.

  • The status of secondary items is always the same as the status of the main item, and cannot be changed independently.

Locking statuses

To lock item statuses:

1. Open the action menu of the item located at the top right of the item page.

2. Choose 'Lock status' in the menu.

The dropdown menu to change status will then be unavailable for the item.

3. To unlock a status, go to the same action menu and select 'Unlock status'.

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