Check Message is a powerful feature that makes it possible to connect your Check workspace with closed social network messaging platform. 

Users can send links, images, video and text files directly from their messaging application into your workspace, and interact with a customizable bot. 

Once items have been reviewed, you can send reports directly to the message inbox of all users who submitted the items. Future identical submissions, via any of your tip-lines, will automatically be returned the same report. 

Check Message currently supports: 

  • Twitter direct messaging
  • Facebook messenger
  • WhatsApp - This integration is currently being piloted with select organizations. Please send us an email to if you’re interested in the program.

Automated bot

When a user submits content on a Check Message tip-line, the conversation is managed by an automated bot in the chosen language of the interlocutor. 

Learn more about bot conversations here.

Check message reports

When using Check message, you can send links to reports to all the users who have requested items to be reviewed on any of the tip-lines.
Learn more about the report here

Getting started with Check Message

  1. Get in touch with our team here to get set up.
  2. Create a FB page, a WhatsApp or Twitter Account to use as the tip-line. Users will start conversations with that account.    

Twitter DM

In order to set up a Twitter integration, you must already set up a twitter account where you will receive tips from readers. You must set up your settings to receive a DM from anyone. Before completing integration, we will send you a link to authorize Check to send DM's on your behalf and integrate your DM's with your Check project.


Setting up an integration with Facebook is similar to that of Twitter. Readers will be able to send you claims, links and media files over to your Facebook page. Those items will transfer seamlessly to your Check project. Once a report is ready, the sender will receive a verification report and a meme card in the same message window box.

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