In the main workspace screen, the left panel displays all the content available in your workspace. By default, all items are always listed under the 'All Items' list.

Item metadata in list

In any list of items, the following metadata is displayed

  • Item: The title, description, and thumbnail of image or video if available. Learn more on how to edit those from the item page here
  • Requests: The number of time the item has been submitted to tip-lines connected to the workspace via Check Message
  • Social share: If the item is a link, this column will display the number of time this exact same URL has been shared on Facebook.    
  • Related: The number of items that are related to the one listed. Learn more about item relation here.
  • Type: The type of the item. Four type of items are supported: Links, Video, Image and text.
  • Status: The current status of the item. Learn more about default and custom statuses here.  
  • First seen: The date the item was first added manually to the workspace, or submitted via a tip-line. 
  • Last seen: The date the item was last submitted to a tip-line.  

Creating a new list

To create a new list, click on 'New list', in the left panel.  

  • Give this list a title. 
  • Navigate to the list of your choice using the left panel. 

Editing a list title, description, and deleting a list

To change the name of a list or add a description, select the list you want to edit and open the list action menu, located at the top right of your screen.

  • Select the option "Edit title and description"
  • Enter a new name or a new description. 
  • Click 'Save'.

To delete a list, navigate to the same menu, and choose the option 'Delete'. If the list you are deleting contains items, all items will still be displayed in other lists they belong to, including the 'All item' list (the 'All items' list cannot be deleted).

Adding or moving items to a another list

There are two ways to add items to a list. 

  • Adding and item to a list will display an item to the list of your choice while allowing the items to be displayed in other lists at the same time.
  • Moving an item to a list will display the item to the list of your choice, but will prevent this item to be displayed in any other list.

Adding and moving items manually

  1. From any list, select the items you want to add or move to another list using the checkboxes. Selecting the master checkbox in the header of the list will select all items on that current.  
  2. Click 'Add to list' or 'Move to list'. 
  3. In the pop up window, select the list you want to add or move the item to.
  4. Click 'Save'.

Adding and moving items automatically

You can set 'Rules' in order to move or add items to a specific list if they match a condition of your choice. Learn how to use Rules in this article.

Searching the list for items

When a list is selected, use the search bar at the top to find items containing specific keywords. 

  1. Type keywords in the search bar. 
  2. Press return

Items will be returned only if those keywords are found, either in the title of an item, or in its description. Learn more about item data and metadata here.

Sending an item to the trash

  1. Select one or several items in the list using checkboxes
  2. Click the trash icon
  3. All selected items are not taken away from any list, and are only visible in the trash. Learn more about the trash in this article.  

Filtering a list of items

When a list is selected, use the filter to display items based on one or several metadata points.  

  1. Click the 'Filter' button.
  2. Edit the filter panel to filter for items using a combination of the following:
  • By date:  Chose one of the two date options using the 'Date' dropdown menu:
    Created: The date the item was added to your workspace.    
    Updated: The date the item was last edited by anyone in your workspace.
  • Status: Select the statuses you want to show. All statuses available across your workspace are listed.  
  • Tags: Select the tags related to items you want to show. All tags available across your workspace are listed. 
  • Media type: Select the media type you want to show. All supported media types are listed. 
  • Language: Select the languages you want to show. All detected languages across your workspace are listed. 

Sorting items in the list

In the filter window, select a method to sort the items in your queue. In addition, choose whether to show 'Newest first' or 'Oldest first'. 

  • Created: Sort items using the timestamp of their creation. 
  • Recent activity: Sort items by the time of the most recent activity
  • Deadline: Sort items by the time the items is due for a response
  • Number of Request: Sort items by the number of times they have been requested. For example if an Image has been submitted for fact-checking by 8 different users, it will have a score of 8 . When this sorting method is selected, the sort direction becomes 'Most submitted' and 'Least submitted'.    




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