Here are some different ways to get the coordinates of location in order to add them to the task 'location'. 

Using Google Maps

Using OpenStreetMap

  • Go to

  • In the search box, type the name of the region you’re looking for 

  • The map updates to show this location map (In the example screenshot, I searched for Beirut)

  • Zoom in and out to go to exact place on the map (In the example screenshot, I used Starbucks at Hamra Street)

  • Right-click on this location and select ‘show address’

  • Address and geo-coordinates will show in the left sidebar. You can copy these coordinates and paste on Check.

Enter the name of the location in the first field. It’s an auto-complete list that suggests locations you can choose from. Once you choose one, map automatically points to it.

You can customize a location name in the second field, if what was selected on the first field isn’t exactly what you are looking for. And you can drag the pin in the map to the point to somewhere else. You can move it in any direction. You can also hold anywhere on the map and move up and down to scroll.

Use the - sign at the top left to zoom out and get started with the country you’re searching for a location at.

Once you dropped the pin around the closest place you’re seeing on the map to what you are searching for, use the + sign to zoom in to get the exact location. The more you zoom in, the more accurate the map gets and reveals places. Drop the pin whenever you find the location you’re searching for.

Exact coordinates will automatically show in the latitude, longitude field every time you drop the pin somewhere on the map. 

Once you resolve the task, the location is saved and a thumbnail of the map should show as an answer. 

Check is designed to allow you to provide custom names for any location, even if it doesn’t match what the map suggests. As well, sometimes locations don’t have a name at all on the official maps but can be highly relevant to an investigation. This field is a place for you to give a more descriptive name than what the map might automatically suggest and to place a more precise pin.

Brief (For the tooltip):

  • Drag the pin in the map and move it in any direction

  • Hold anywhere on the map and move up and down to scroll

  • Use the +/- signs to zoom in and zoom out

  • Latitude and longitude of the location pinned will be automatically populated in the coordinates field.

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